DotQ Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to Dreams of the Quill and its admins. It’s quite likely more important to us than it is to you. Following are our guidelines regarding the privacy of our users.

Or, guideline.

We don’t give your info to anyone without you asking us to.

I guess there’s that you’re giving quite a bit of info to the admins when you visit the site (IP address, browser, operating system, country, etc.), and even more when you register on the forums or main site (handle, e-mail address, etc.), but we don’t look through that stuff to find things out. We’re not huge fans of traffic analysis, so really all we know about you is what you tell us upfront. We’re a couple people running a site in our free time, not a huge organization creating a database of users.

This shouldn’t be completely reassuring, but it’s something worth saying: you don’t need to worry about your privacy with DotQ.

Let’s put it this way: if you’re not already using Tor, you don’t need it for DotQ.