Sep 7Color Process Guide (Number how many?!?)

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This time is a character from Mayo Chiki! Never seen it, so probably didn’t capture her personality, but that’s not the point anyway. Attempted a new method of coloring this time, completely experimental.

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Aug 11Low-DotQ Summer

So, back in early May, I said I’d make great use of this summer. I’d “get stuff done,” have a “schedule.” Like all such promises, it fell through. So DotQ has languished. And it will probably continue to do so, especially since my probably-super-busy fall semester is practically upon me. But, I have two more… positive things to say.

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May 9Summer Is Here (Again)

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Just finished the spring semester. I need a break. So I’m going to take one. For one week.

Next Monday, I begin creating my schedule. I want to get stuff done this summer, to actually produce something. I mean, I guess I did the Tundra of Heroes website last year, which was cool, but I can do so much more. I don’t yet know how I’m going to be using my time yet, or on what I’ll be working, but I’ll keep DotQ posted. Expect some melange of failed attempts at funny cartoons, over-ambitious game development projects, and both long- and short-form writing.

Mar 30Imagination – 1

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He follows her in silence. Block after block they walk, he always lagging comfortably behind her. Finally she notices him, scanning her surroundings as she unlocks the door to their apartment. She almost drops her keys.

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Mar 28Results of Writing Challenge #1

Last week I ran the first ever Dreams of the Quill Writing Challenge. Anyone who was interested had only to write a short story and submit it. All entries were to be posted here on the main site and supplemented by a single illustration thrown together by yours truly. This was largely an attempt at beefing up DotQ’s content and forcing myself to draw. What emerged was that a lot of people were eager to write.

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Mar 28The Welcome Party

Entry #7 in the first Dreams of the Quill Writing Challenge.

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