Mar 15Announcing DotQ Writing Challenge #2

Remember last year?

Whether you do or not, the second Dreams of the Quill writing challenge opens today. Check the forum thread for more details. I look forward to your submissions!

Mar 11E143N: Flak goes where/there

A short exercise from a workshop class I’m in right now. This is the first draft; I don’t know if I’ll ever work further on it. We had to write about an event from our past in scene, and then in reflection. I chose the first time I ever went to Young Anime Otaku, Inc. (The CPS anime club.) This is also the genesis story for my friendship with DotQ member GheoFabulousDuk.

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Mar 4The Changing of the Guard – Fifth Watch

Yeah, didn’t get this out by midnight. My weekend has been largely consumed by my magical girl Pathfinder campaign, which I have spent far too much time working on. Anyway, here’s chapter five of Changing of the Guard. There’s some heavyish material in here, just a warning. As always, read the chapter before the release notes if you’re scared of spoilerz. Enjoy, and please leave any feedback you have in the comments!

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Feb 26We Be Goblins – Variable Players

For Free RPG Day 2011, Paizo released We Be Goblins!, a one-shot adventure for 1st-level goblin characters. It’s a pretty sweet module—you should all check it out (it’s free!). Anyway, when I finally got together players to run it, I had more folks than the four for whom it’s written. There weren’t enough pre-generated characters, and the challenges were looking to be too easy for a group of seven.

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Feb 19The Changing of the Guard – Fourth Watch

I’m a bit sick, hence not getting this out the door at midnight. My notes might also be more rambly and less sensical than usual. Apologies in advance. In any event, enjoy the chapter! And if you don’t, tell me why! Be sure to read the chapter before the release notes if you hate spoilers. Cheers!

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Feb 12Lyrical, Magical: The Contractor

Today, my ‘magical girl’ Pathfinder campaign, “Mazes & Misery,” begins. It’s set in our world, though much of it may occur in different dimensions. Using sources ranging from Nanoha to Madoka to Arjuna to Shana, I put together a base class for magical girl-type characters. I tried to incorporate some iconic powers, to make the class broad enough that it isn’t just magical girls, and to maintain some semblance of balance. Whether I accomplished any of this is yet to be seen. Mazes & Misery is basically going to be one long playtest of the class.

New Base Class: The Contractor

I’ll be updating here periodically about the class, its extensions (contracts and archetypes), and the campaign in which it’s being tested.