A Series of Short Stories by KCG

by KingCrazyGenius [DotQ Forum Thread]

Fiends from below, know that the time of thy judgement approaches. Thou art the instrument of thy own oblivion, for thy vile deeds will rebound upon thee a hundred fold, and upon thee shall swift justice and righteous fury fall!

Thy ways are known to us, thy darkest Shadows have been dispersed with the Light of Truth. Thou tempt the hearts of mortals with lies of grandeur, to bring them down to the deepest depths, to join thee forever in damnation and torment. Thy hold on their souls shall be undone, and they shall learn the Truth and turn against thee.

My kind shall march upon thy own, and thou shalt be trampled under our blazing heel! Against us thou hast no chance, for thy power is in lies and ours lies in Truth. Even thy mightest forces cannot hope to win, for hope itself is our ally.

Make peace with thy dark lords. Thy spirits shall be shattered, and thy wicked lands consumed in cleansing fire.

From Heaven’s Heart, I shall smite thee!

Thou hast been warned.