I, Human

by Kingcrazygenius [DotQ Forum Thread]

go ahead and try

tell me of the woes of the world

of those who suffer day in and day out

speak of the hungry children in the streets

digging through garbage for food and clothing

sing of the suffering women on the floor

brutalized and shattered beyond repair

and I will laugh in your face

and ask you what difference they make

you will stammer and shout

to defend the dignity of humanity

you will sing the praises of life

to guide my eyes to the light

and still I will mock you

because they are not important

no one is save myself

I live my life regardless of others

and turn a blind eye to their pain

to do otherwise would be foolish

to bring myself down to the level of others

what does that accomplish

what have I to gain in that

So go on about the plight of others

and I shall continue to mock you

because no one is important but myself

and everyone else is just a bother

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