The Hunter Chronicles

The Hunter Chronicles

  • HC: Book One, the Crystals of Mana (2006)
    • The current incarnation of the first book of the Hunter Chronicles, this version of COM starts us off with Gem as a twenty-year old bounty hunter working for the Underworld in Verga City. Unhappily aware of his destiny, Gem sets off on a journey with the Heir to the Mana Throne, seeking to thwart a plot to revive Chaos and unravel the fabric of the world.
      Chapters up/written/planned: 28/28/~45
      Last Updated: March 9th 2008 • ABANDONED
  • HC: Gauntlet and the Broken Angel (2007)
    • A short story elaborating upon the lives and deaths of two side characters from the Hunter Chronicles: Gauntlet and the Broken Angel. Light spoilers regarding content that may or may not be in Book Two.
      Chapters up/written/planned: 1/1/1 [Complete]
      Last Updated: June 17th 2007
  • HC: Legend’s Day Off (2009)
    • A short work set in a re-imagined Libra roughly four years after the events in the Crystals of Mana. “Gem” is now “Loen,” “the Underworld” is now “The Line,” “Mana” is now “Faysal.” A more mature and mellow tale, here we see Loen—back at work as a Runner under Lord Miles—take a day off, reflect on his failures, and try to figure out his direction in life.
      Chapters up/written/planned: 1/1/1 [Complete]
      Last Updated: December 12th 2009

Background and Older Works

  • History of HC (edited July 9th 2006)
    • A detailed history of how HC came to be. An amusing and somewhat lame story ^_^
  • Original Attempts (Assorted Chapters, 1999-2002)
    • I’ve made the remnants of old attempts at the HC available to the public, so why not check it out?
  • HC: Book One, the Crystals of Mana (2002-2005)
    • Second attempt at Crystals of Mana, the first book. COM was originally written (and completed at 42 chapters and 210 pages) 2002-2004, but the version up is that posted under “Hunter Chronicles, Revised!” on the War3forums in 2004 and finalized in 2005. Only 19 chapters are up, and no more will be posted.
  • HC: Book Two, Maha’s Legacy (2005)
    • First attempt at Maha’s Legacy, the second book. ML was started after COM was completed in 2004, before I began revising COM. Only 5 chapters were ever written, mainly because I prioritized fixing up COM. Currently, no chapters of ML are up on this site.

Further Reading…

  • Brief Notes on Dates
    • The year that Maha appeared in Libra is the year 0 on current Libran calendars. Thus, when someone says that such-and-such happened in 3019, they mean that it occurred 3019 years after Maha appeared. According to this scheme, Maha was sealed not long after 0, and subsequently Bane’s sons were born before 0. Dating and calendars from before 0 were lost when Maha ransacked the world, and it is unknown how much time passed between Bane’s creation of time and the sealing of Maha.
  • Character Profiles
    • Stopped reading for a while and need a refresher? Interested in checking out the characters before the story? Just feel like reading up? Then click here to investigate the Character section of the Hunter Chronicles Wiki.

HC: Gallery

  • Concept Art
    • Art done by Flak revolving around characters from The Hunter Chronicles.