The Hunter Chronicles – the Crystals of Mana

Here we go, here we go, here we go again! After a first attempt in 1999, several shorts built on the same idea, and a full 210-page story written over three years, I present to you the Crystals of Mana, the first book in the Hunter Chronicles. What you see linked below are the written chapters of the third (and hopefully last) attempt at the Crystals of Mana. This is not a series of minor revisions from the previous full version; it is a rewrite and, as such, needs to stand alone. Ideally it accomplishes this. Enjoy.

Gem is a twenty-year-old bounty hunter working for the Underworld in Verga City. Unhappily aware of his destiny, he sets out on a quest to undo Fate. He eventually finds himself embroiled in a struggle to keep the world in one piece, and only in embracing the future he loathes can he emerge victorious.


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    Last Updated: March 9th 2008
  • Part 1: Gem
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    Part 3: Julien