For the Pen [And my Dreams]

He named himself Kaze, because that was his handle, and, of course, he’d always had a thing for the wind. He was an otaku, a consumer, obsessive in some respects and rabid in others. He finally fell to that level as the end result of the death of an old man, the one person in the world who had ever taken the time to bother pretending to appreciate his attempt at something called “writing.” In Junior year in high school, he had a chance encounter with a mysterious man named Suigeki, one wielding the power of water. Kaze staunchly refused to become the man’s “student,” and went on to college abroad in Osaka. There, however, his decisions and values would change…

This is For the Pen [And my Dreams].

More specifically, this is For the Pen v2, my second attempt at FtP. It’s complete as a story, and though short it is constantly being elaborated upon. Accompanying it are a fair number of uploaded art pieces, some with insightful commentary, and the ongoing series “For the Pen: Recollections,” which is pretty much the elaboration mentioned in the previous sentence. Bah. [For the Pen @ DotQ Wiki]

For the Pen v2

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