by Kingcrazygenius [DotQ Forum Thread]

I’m feeling just fine
not a care in the world
no bad emotions getting in the way
I’m fucking fantastic

I’m doing really good
it doesn’t matter if the teacher hates me
who cares if I got expelled from school
I’m fucking fantastic

I’m feeling just swell
I didn’t really love her anyways
so it doesn’t matter if she cheated on me
I’m fucking fantastic

I’m on top of the world
the job was totally pointless
and who really needs money to succeed
I’m fucking fantastic

Life’s a bowl of cherries
the jail floor isn’t that cold
and the large man next to me is really friendly
I’m fucking fantastic

It doesn’t get any better than this
I’m seeing colors I’ve never seen before
my legs can’t reach the floor because of the rope
I’m fucking fantastic

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One thought on “Fantastic

  1. The beginning of this reminds me of Radiohead’s “Lucky.” Then it goes where even that depressing song doesn’t. Dunno why I didn’t make this connection earlier. Oh well.

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