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Takeshi Mai

A strong, quiet, and independent-minded girl. She has just begun the tenth grade, transferring into Kashibana Joshikou in the second week of the term. Her father has disappeared and her brothers have grown up and moved away, and she now lives alone with her mother. Her current goal is to develop a consistent drawing style.

Yuriya Setsuna

An incredibly kind girl prone to shyness, she is also a first year at Kashibana Joshikou. Though her level is high above that of Mai’s, she is stuck in many of the same beginner’s art classes due to the school’s systems. Her dream is to someday be an artist of great acclaim.

Kashibana Joshikou

The school our two heroines attend, Kashibana Joshikou is an all-girls high school that specializes in providing artistic and musical tutelage to its relatively small student body. Its campus and facilities are fairly large and kept in excellent condition—it is said that the principal and owner is very wealthy. The academic courses at Kashibana are not as rigorous as at other private high schools in the area, allowing the students to focus on pursuing the dream of mastering art and music.