Contributing content to DotQ is fairly easy. However, with ease comes some concern. Following is some legal mumbo-jumbo, and then instructions on how to contribute. (Legal mumbo-jumbo begone, take me to “How to Contribute!”)


DotQ values privacy. A lot. More on that here.
More specifically, the admins will listen to almost any demand contributors could make regarding privacy. You want to submit stuff and have it posted anonymously? That’s cool! You want to use a pseudonym or three? That’s cool too! DotQ requires that you submit a modicum of personal info in order to contribute content, but none of that will be used for anything other than getting your content online. DotQ will not share or display any information you submit unless you say otherwise.

Rights and Ownership

Contributed content remains the property of its creator. Forever. We have no interest in co-opting your stuff. You, the creator of whatever content you are submitting, retain full rights to it. Including the right to demand that we remove the content from DotQ. However, while you’re powerful and all, DotQ (and its admins) gain “some rights” to your content, as enumerated below:

  1. The admins of Dreams of the Quill have the right to copy and recreate your submitted content as necessary to publish it in the manner you desire, and to display it anywhere on the site until asked to remove it.
  2. The admins of Dreams of the Quill have full rights to possessing copies of your submitted content insofar as the admins possess full backups of the site at all times. These copies will be used for nothing but restoring the content to the site, should there be some technical failure.
  3. The admins of Dreams of the Quill have the right to mention and display excerpts of your submitted content in order to promote the site, so long as the content remains on the site with your permission.

Beyond this, your content is entirely yours. Should you ever wish it taken down, inform the admins and it shall be taken down. As it is taken down, the admins lose the three above rights to it.

Copyright Infringement and DotQ’s Liability

The admins of Dreams of the Quill are not liable for any inappropriate content the site’s users may contribute. This means that the admins are not to be expected to check every submission tip-to-tail for stolen content. We trust that you are an honest, good person, and that your submissions are your own creations. Should they turn out not to be (this needs to be brought to the admins’ attention, once again, it is not an issue that we should be expected to notice on our own), your content will be removed from the site immediately. Further submissions of yours will be rejected, and you may face other barriers in your participation in DotQ (inability to log into the forums, for one).

How to Contribute

There are three different methods: posting to the main site, posting to the forums, and e-mailing the admins.

Main Site Direct Contributions

Now, you can contribute to DotQ directly. If you have an account on the main site, go ahead and create a new post. If you don’t have an account, contact Flak and he’ll make you one. (Manual user registration is disabled at the moment due to spam issues.)

In this way, you can submit text, art, videos (use YouTube’s embed codes directly in the post), the works, to DotQ all with the clicking of a few buttons. It’s also a great way to simply blog. There’s this handy “Life” category on DotQ, and you can post pretty much anything you’d like to it. If you have any questions about the mechanics of posting, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Forum Contributions

Contributing via the forum is pretty easy, it just requires an account on the Dreams of the Quill forums. Once logged in, you can simply post content to the forums at will. If you want your content to make it to the main site, we can move it from the forums for you. The forums allow attachments and are the most active part of the website, so they make an attractive target for submissions. If you don’t have a forum account, contact us. We’ll set you up.

E-mail Contributions

These are the best way to preserve your privacy. Just shoot us an e-mail with whatever you are submitting as a link or attachment and we’ll do our best to get it up.

With great power comes great decision-making: to e-mail, or to post to the forums, or to circumvent all of that and publish directly to the main site? The choice is yours.

Dreams of the Quill looks forward to your submission!