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Mar 8The Last Season 2.6

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Yup yup! Finally got done with Fuyu. As you probably know, TLS was supposed to be finished by the end of 2005. This update marks the 2/5 mark. There are three more seasons to cover.

The Last Season: 「Fuyu」 Not Alone

This section is muchly changed from the original, far more so than the previous two. For one, Akane doesn’t smooch Reo. A more significant changes, Akane doesn’t break down and “pounce” on Midori (as I so eloquently put it in previous writings.) These two changes are based on a few factors, they are:

  • – The way I wrote out the original scenarios suuuuucked. With a lot of ‘u’s.
  • – I wasn’t happy with the pacing.
  • – Akane might have been a hospital patient, but she wasn’t a mental patient. And the changes that occur in her mental processes to lead her to act the way she did in the original writing are not sane.
  • – Various inspiration has led me to the conclusion that there are much better ways to lay out a situation, and I’m trying to build up to this.

Remember, as always, that The Last Season is an experiment, much like Tundra of Heroes. Unlike Tundra of Heroes, which is a fairly typical fantasy tale, The Last Season is an experiment in something I have pretty much no hands-on experience with (and most likely relies all too heavily on anime-granted knowledge. bah.)

Oh, and I should mention this, though it’s been there for a couple days now- I got up that disclaimer I was talking about. You can find it here:

The Last Season – Disclaimer, Medical Info

Sidenote: I’ve moved the completed Kaze Emoticon Set to WordPress and renabled smilies.

EDIT: I shall never ever use smilies in DotQ’s news ever again. They look horrid in it due to line spacing issues.

Feb 28The Last Season 2.4 and 2.5

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Ahh, I feel better now. One more section and I’ll have completed Fuyu‘s editing. Expect it later today or tomorrow. This means that Fuyu will be done by Friday this week. Furrealz, yo. For now, I have two new sections of Winter up, TLS 2.4 and 2.5:

TheLastSeason: 「Fuyu」 The Snow of a Short Season
TheLastSeason: 「Fuyu」 Winter’s Child

Surely, you will want to read over the two new sections, as they differ from the original TLS quite a bit in style, words, and thoughts. Most notably (and not a literary thing), I changed Tojuu’s age from 11 to 10. This may be stretching the “zomfg he remembers her,” but I figure it’s feasible if there are photos and pictures in his house. This also allows me to lower ages of the older generation. As will be seen in the next installment, 2.6 (when ages are revealed), Akane and Yuki are now 27, and I plan on lowering Midori’s age to 24 or something. I decided I didn’t want to write a story about 31 year olds. Forgive me.

Also, having read through Narcissu and looked at Insani’s site on it, I realized that somewhere I should have a note that, for one, the disease that Akane has is fictional, and that hopsitals do not actually simply let terminal patients out alone. I’ll have a blurb about the fiction in TLS up sometime this week, hopefully following 2.6, “The Last Season 「Fuyu」Not Alone.”

Look forward to it!

Feb 20Wyvern and The Last Season

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Jesus wtf.

No really. Something’s wrong when I add content what, twice a month? And do it shabbily? I blame it on capitalist America. Somehow, that even makes sense.

Anway I’ve been playing Wyvern, a graphical MUD. Fun stuff. Problem is I’ve been spending too much time on it. Waaay too much. I had so much homework I shouldn’t be working on the site anyway, but then I get into a game? And not Oberin- I didn’t spend much time on that. But Wyvern, dayum. It sucks me up.

In other news, today I heard (for the first time quite a while) a song that reminded me of The Last Season. And I was like ho, damn! TLS! Snap!

And so it came to pass that I edited another subsection of Fuyu. I’ll probably have the rest of Fuyu up by the end of the week. For now I have too much work due Wednesday to concentrate on writing. To concentrate at all. I’m practically pissing my pants. Don’t hold me to my estimation of the end of the week- you know how wrong I end up being.

Either way, next written content will be TLS. For sure. Hopefully after these next few papers (and after deleting Wyvern) I’ll get cracking and start cranking out updates much more regularly. Hopefully.

“DotQ has no schedule.”

Oct 14The Last Season

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I finally moved an old project, The Last Season, from the Bravenet site to this one. I’m actually in the process of revising it now, so I’m only putting up what’s been through the edit. So far, that’s part one, Nananen and a couple sections of part two, Fuyu.