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Apr 16Clerk of the Night – Origins

Entry #3 in the second Dreams of the Quill Writing Challenge. Bridging the gap between The Amazing Adventures of Flak and Night Switch.

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Feb 16Night Switch 09.10

It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas. Nor that I’ve run out of time. I’ve just been making very bad decisions about how to spend my time recently, and I’ve also been fairly low-energy (the weather? maybe I’m under it?). Night Switch can and should still go strong. Sorry for the delays.

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Feb 7Night Switch 09.09

Yeah, he went there.

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Feb 4Night Switch 09.08

Been writin’ some other stuff, ma. But this is fun, too.

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Feb 2Night Switch 09.07

There totally was an update on Monday, it was just so amazing you couldn’t believe it. Open your eyes…

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Jan 28Night Switch 09.06

Don’t worry, IcyStorm. I wouldn’t kill off your favorite character.

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