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Mar 11E143N: Flak goes where/there

A short exercise from a workshop class I’m in right now. This is the first draft; I don’t know if I’ll ever work further on it. We had to write about an event from our past in scene, and then in reflection. I chose the first time I ever went to Young Anime Otaku, Inc. (The CPS anime club.) This is also the genesis story for my friendship with DotQ member GheoFabulousDuk.

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Nov 1NaNoWriMo 2010 – And so it begins.

Oh boy. A bunch of us are participating, which brings me to positive point #1 of NaNoWriMo: doing something fun with other people. Positive point #2 is something like ending up with a messy pile of words, some of them good, most of them trash. That’s about it for the good sides, but that’s all I need right now.


Sep 21Plato’s Failmacy

Hurray for post titles full of spluttering invective! For Rhetoric 103A this week we were asked to read Derrida’s “Plato’s Pharmacy,” summarize his argument in 150 words or fewer, and articulate one question we had about the text. Ever being a failure at following directions, I articulated not one question but six, at least one of which was characteristically inappropriate.

After e-mailing these off to my poor GSI, I decided I’d share them with the world, if only to show KingCrazyGenius that the Judeo-Christian Bible is not the only thing against which I enjoy railing.

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Jul 14Flak Demands Writing!

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Flak demands writing to keep the forums alive. Here’s some writing to sate his voracious appetite for poetry and prose.

This is just some basic brainstorming. No real stories here. Enjoy!

    What Flak Wants Me To Write

There’s a man that’s become obsessed with clouds. For as long as he can remember, he’s always admired clouds. Every day, clouds can show him something different and amazing. He’s spent his entire life studying clouds, and decided to take up a profession to help him get closer to them. Once he becomes a pilot, a whole new world of possibilities open up to him…

(Will require amending once history facts are worked out)
The year is 1656. The coast and lands in what was now known as “New England” had practically been scoured clean of Native Americans. Diseases from Europe had proven highly effective in reducing native populations. One young boy sets out to prevent the strange invaders from pushing further into their land. His journey will take him through far off lands of myth and legend.

A young boy is confronted with the death of his dog. The boy and the dog had been best friends for as long as the boy could remember. In order to help the boy cope with the loss, the boy’s father suggests he builds a tree house. The boy spends months constructing the tree house, and on the night of its completion, he sleeps there. That night, the boy dreams of his lost friend, and finally feels he has a proper chance to say goodbye.

A woman wants to go traveling around the world. She works hard for a year, studying for school and saving up money. She logs her progress in both my schooling and her earnings throughout the year. She finally has enough money and begin her trip. On the way to the airport, she has second thoughts, which causes her to drive slowly. When she arrives at the airport, she learns that a bomb was planted on the plane and prematurely went off before take-off, and that she was spared only because she had been running late.

Watching TV is a staple of families all across the world. We watch, and we watch, and we watch. Entire generations have been shaped and molded by what we show on the television. But what if we’re not the ones in control? What if the television itself is more interesting and intelligent than we ever imagined…

It was too late. On that fateful day, the sky opened and the sun stared down at us like a great eye of flame, scouring all life it saw before it. Few survived, and the world that remained could sustain any semblance of a civilization. Why would anyone want to live, after the devastation that had been wrought? Because the desire to live is strong, has been strong, and will remain strong.

Nov 2Untitled – Day One

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Here’s my first day’s attempt at writing for NaNoWriMo. I will, with Flak’s pressure, continue to post stuff up here every day. I may also update the stuff I put up one day if I come up with more. This attempt only got me 431 words. I need to stay at it longer, it seems.

EDIT: Up to 582.

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Mar 6Responses to Lies and Love, Part 1

Responses to responses to my recent ramblings.

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