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Sep 28DMH ’07!!

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I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to the Picture Gallery section of this page. It will be continually updated as more pictures are made, and some further work will most likely be done to make it look better.

Sep 21Drawing My Heart News, 9-21-07

Well, when I announced that September 2007 would be Drawing My Heart Progress Month (short on the heels of August 2007, which was the “first” Drawing My Heart Progress Month), I did not expect the month to live up to August.

And… it has. Incredibly so.

The story has been cemented, characters fleshed out, art created—did I mention art? Sumiyoshi picked up DMH art and has been churning out sketches by the boat-load. I’ve also begun the work of bringing the DMH Wiki up to date (which is no small task).

Anyway, I’m super-excited about what this unexpected increase in activity could mean for the future. Let’s hope that October becomes Progress Month #3!

Sep 14Quick Update – “DMH Online”

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Life’s been keeping me pretty busy, especially given this year’s commitment to working on my hobbies alongside schoolwork no matter how tired I get.

Anyway, the big news is that I’ve unveiled ‘cool thing’ on the forums.

I promise to write some more posts to the main site soon, things like “Will I be able to beat November this year?” and “How my school year is shaping up,” etc. etc. This Sunday, look forward to a new version of my latest Warcraft III map. Next week should bring Tundra of Heroes Chapter 5.

Jul 12Internship at LBNL, days 10 and 11

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Much like how I overlooked my lab notebook for two days, it seems like I passed by this section of DotQ for a couple periods of 24 hours. No breaking news. Tomorrow’s going to be a short day; I’m leaving for Port Hueneme sometime mid-afternoon and will be away from the tubes until Monday.

Nothing amazing’s happening at work. Nothing sucky, either.

All in all it continues to be an incredibly awesome experience. Just, you know, not every day is the first day.

… and speaking of first days, ‘cool thing‘ is coming along way better than I’d hoped. It’s already functioning.

Feb 15Joker Colored, Gem Sketched

I bring you the coloring of The Joker – First Design. I also bring you (though most of you have seen it already) the latest sketch of Gem, a 2-hour affair that resulted in big swords and a small head.

The Joker – First Design [Color]
Gem – Two Runeblades

I also humbly apologize for yesterday’s behavior.

Oh, and Kashibana Joshikou may well have just gotten its new name. An announcement (and wiki adjustment) are pending full approval.

Jan 7And thus ends break!

Adieu, fuyuyasumi.

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