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Welcome to Dreams of the Quill! DotQ is a site dedicated to creativity. It houses a host of written works and a gallery of art, all by its members. The quantity and diversity of the miscellaneous features are also growing constantly, so be sure to check that out! The forum is a great place to meet our members, and it’s also where collaborative projects spring to life. The wiki houses info on sundry topics, ranging from our members to fictional worlds used in stories here.


Dreams of the Quill began as a cross between Flak’s gallery of art and writings and Flak’s personal site. It had a blog, it had some text pages, it had some low-quality gif images. It’s much different now. It has a community, an active forum, and a myriad of content from various contributors. On October 10th, 2007, Flak repurposed DotQ to focus on community participation, collaborative projects, and most of all, creativity. In so doing, he removed most of the “me me me” from the site’s about pages, made registration tools more prominent, and wrote a post on the main site declaring the start of a new era.

Flak envisioned a place where those people who enjoy “producing” more than “consuming” could congregate and produce. Writing. Art. Games. Anything. The purpose of the site is to set aside a place in which people may discuss and showcase their creative pursuits, receive constructive feedback, and improve their talents.

Unfortunately, due to problems with spam, registration is currently closed—but if you contact Flak, he’ll make you an account.

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