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And here we have it. This is the actual new drawing I made about two weeks ago. I’m rather excited about this one, because it’s a redo of the picture I posted previously. Using the same subject makes for easy comparison. Consequently, the blatant rise in quality is a metaphorical pat on the back and a stroke for my ego.

There’s a rough five year gap between this version of Pax, as the character is named, and the previous installment of him. In game he’s gone through a wide variety of changes, aside from gaining five levels. This urged me to give him a visual update. His most iconic features are the slave belt he keeps on his body, and the tattoos that cover most of his body. Even so the party still mostly just remembers him for the significant arcane punch that he packs. My party tends to overlook visual clues unless we clearly emphasize on it. Had I not expressly dictated that Pax ran through the snow barefooted and wrapped in flimsy rags the first few sessions, protected solely by an Endure Elements, I doubted anyone would have registered.

What I personally feel is the greatest technical achievement about this piece is the improvement in anatomy. I think the proportions are alright, or at the least superior to any I’ve maintained so far. Colours and lighting are a continuous development from the Photoshop painting technique I’ve started using since the Galen picture, and it’s starting to look halfway decent. I should probably try to get the hang of softer colours and lower contrasts, but I like me some dramatic lighting. I can almost claim it to be a personal art style.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Admittedly, much of it was heavy reference work, but it’s a great starting point to progress from. It’s only after I actually based my anatomy off of actual poses that I realized how horridly skewed my figures were all along.

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