Another old picture: Pax

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Moving even further into the past! I’m taking a ragged knife to my pride and dignity posting this piece, but I’d love for you to fully grasp my sense of progression when I get to the actual new thingy.

This one was made a rough five years ago, and it was poor even by the liberal standards I maintained back then. It was drawn as a quick character concept; something to visualize an RPG character I was building at the time. His name is Pax, a young and mentally unstable wizard/elemental savant of the fire element. He’s been the subject of devil bargains, elemental plotting, wizard order intrigues and sibling vengeance. He has evolved dramatically in recent times and built some interesting relationships with his fellow adventurers. I’m still playing him to this day, and he remains one of my favorite role-play personas. Right now he stands on a crossroad, and the moral choices of my party will pretty much determine whether he turns for evil or will seek out absolution.

I’m not much inclined to discuss the technicalities of this drawing. It was a quick and dirty sketch of what I had in mind, roughly colorized and heavily layered with lighting to distract from, well, most of it. I never got around to actually cleaning it all up, so it remained as you see it here. Suffice it to say it served me well enough to grasp the general concept of what I wanted Pax to act and look like.

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