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This one’s actually older than the ‘Gallen’ piece by a rough few months, but I think it came out better.

His name is Orsus, a pen and paper RPG character in an AD&D/homebrew system that was nebulous at best. The DM unfortunately gave up his DM ambitions soon after Orsus made its entrée, so his active career was short-lived. He was a simple but noble fighter with an equally simple desire to see some of the world. A general good guy willing to defend the weak and shepherd the lost. He also rolled some awesome stats, so he was damn good at it to.

This is one of the last pieces for which I still used a pencil sketch as basis. Proportions are way off, but for a change this was intentional. I was looking to give him dramatized cartoonish proportions, and to emphasize on his strength I opted to give him massive hands (though admittedly I’m inclined to oversize the hands on every figure I draw). Colours are more accurate, shading is better defined and the composition is near to what I had actually envisioned. It’s a simple ¾ full view, sure, but I was very satisfied with the feel I was hoping to give this character.

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  1. It’s nice, and the texture and shading on the metal is pretty great. I’m looking forward to the newer stuff you post, you must be even better than I remember :)

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