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It’s a bit out of the blue, but I made a new drawing. No, not the one you see above. This one is roughly two years old. But before I’d go and post the actual new one, I decided it was high time I uploaded some old works that have been lingering on my computer for some time now. They’ll never reach a more refined state than they are in right now anyway.

The drawing you see here is a drawing of a forum RPG character named Gallen. To the DOTQ crowd he’s probably familiar, but I’m adding a description anyway for any new faces reading this. Gallen is (or rather ‘was’; the RPG came to an unfortunate early halt) a plague bearer, and he uses magic to sustain himself. In the setting this character inhabits, using magic to regenerate yourself is inevitably self-destructive in the long run. However, not using the magic would have him die to the plague equally fast. The dramatic balance this persona was walking made him a highly appealing character for me to play, and his affliction generated some entertaining interactions with other characters.

The drawing itself was en experiments for all intents and purposes. It didn’t quite succeed to achieve any of the effects I was aiming for, but it’s still valid as an exercise. The most glaring fault to me is the face, not in that it is misshapen (though I’m sure a more skilled artist might be able to point out why it in fact is) but rather that it looks so very old. Gallen is barely a young adult in his late teens, but as he is depicted here, he looks reliquarian. This has mostly to do with my attempt to make him look skin over bones, malnourished and generally unhealthy. The resulting grey-skinned skeletal visage does not much allude to his youth although it might be argued symbolically that Gallen is very much old beyond his years. The odd colouring and lighting has mostly to do with my unfamiliarity with the particular digital painting techniques I was using at the time. The resulting style isn’t really something I’d intentionally pursue, but it has artistic merit.

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6 thoughts on “Gallen

  1. AH LURKER!! Oh man, and that RPG. Good timezzzzzzzzz.

    Haha, yeah, he does look pretty old. People who are emaciated tend to look older than they are, though, so that makes sense. I like this piece. And I look forward to more. :)

  2. Hey, I remember this guy, with the bells on his staff to warn people a plaguebearer’s approaching. Good old “bundle of joy” Gallen.

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