Results of Writing Challenge #3

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Happy 2013! This is more than half a year late, but better late than never, right? Back in May, before I disappeared into the summer, I ran the third DotQ Writing Challenge, styled after the first and second. This time we had four entries. Anyone who was interested had only to write a short story and submit it. All entries were to be proofread by yours truly, then posted to the main site accompanied by an illustration. Finally, I have done my job, and the entries grace the site in their full proofread, illustrated splendor.

We got four entries:
A Royal Missive by KingCrazyGenius
City Lights from a Plane by SAKI
Gravity by Flak
Houkago Flak Time by kimaguresan

Congratulations to everyone who participated! You’re all winners!

Now… want to be winners again? Or maybe you didn’t have the time to throw something together last time around, and you want to be winners for the first time? In the DotQ Writing Challenge, everyone wins. You can find details on Challenge #4 on the forums. I’ll be running these on a monthly basis from now on (honest, this time). The deadline is February 1st—get crackin’!

I hope that the four pieces entertain, and also that you consider participating in the future, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer.

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