Houkago Flak Time

Entry #4 in the third DotQ writing challenge.

Enjoy . . . . . Houkago Flak Time

The room was washed in the orange of the setting sun. Flak and Kima sat at the club table, quietly reading from the day’s selections. In Kima’s case, the blogs that came through on his reader were full of the usual inane stupidity. He wasn’t even sure why he was still reading them but for his minor amusement as he silently made fun of the idiot bloggers who actually thought they knew something about anime.

Flak pored over this month’s writing entries for his writing challenge. It was the usual fun that he read every month. He enjoyed the creativity he was able to elicit from his circle of friends. Kima’s entry was different from the usual he submitted and Flak wondered what illustration would fit best with the little dwarf and his counting stones.

Kima chuckled and said, “Man, did you read this shit on Ano Natsu? It’s amazing to me that these idiots really liked this dumb show.”

“Lol, yeah. You should write something instead of reading that junk.”

“Fuck it, I’m unfollowing all of these asses.”

“Good for you.”



Kima punched a few buttons on the pad in front of him, and with that the timeline of blogs shrunk to near zero. “So what do I read now?” Kima threw the pad on to the table and got up to look out the window. The sun warmed his face and reminded him of life’s simplicity, where the pad on the table represented complexities of a life he didn’t want. Kima sighed and went back to the pad and folded it back into the breast pocket of his blazer.

“How about some tea?” Kima asked.

“I’d love some!” Flak said.

Kima made the tea he usually made and placed a cup in front of Flak. Kima pulled the pad out again and looked at it once more, checking for messages he hoped he would not see.

Flak looked over his shoulder and saw Kima stealing a look at his pad once again. “You still worrying about ‘that?’”

“I don’t mean to, but the people in my class project just make me feel dumb. It feels like they don’t get me.”

Flak interrupted, “Man screw them, let’s just go, let’s get out of here, to that place.”

Kima nodded, folded up the pad, and put away the cups from tea.

The two friends wordlessly packed up their bags, and locked the door. The pace to the teachers’ room was brisker than usual. Key to the club room dropped off, the two stepped out into the evening air. By now the orange was giving way to the deep purples of night. Orange tinged contrails cut the sky into segments as the glint of light from the airplanes reminded the Flak and Kima that they were still on earth.

They reached the crest of the hill that overlooked the town and raised their fists to the world.

Laughter echoed down the hill as they enjoyed the perfect moment.

“Well, I gotta go to work tomorrow, so it’s time for bed.” Kima sadly typed.

“Okay man, good night.”

“Good night.”

The sunset faded, the town melted, and the school buildings disappeared. Kima closed his laptop and rolled off to sleep once more.

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