Results of Writing Challenge #2

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Over the last month, I ran the second DotQ Writing Challenge, styled after the first. Last time, what emerged was that a lot of people wanted to write. We got a lot of entries. This time, the harvest was less abundant. Anyone who was interested had only to write a short story and submit it. All entries were to be revised by yours truly, then posted to the main site accompanied by an illustration.

We got three entries:
Occupy Flak Street by KingCrazyGenius
Bjorn the Bookkeeper by kimaguresan
Clerk of the Night – Origins by Flak

Several folks expressed regret at not having the time to throw something together this time around. Don’t worry! I’m going to be doing these on a monthly basis from now on. This means that Writing Challenge #3 is here! The deadline is May 1st—get crackin’!

I hope that the three stories entertain, and also that you consider participating in the future, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer.

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