The Changing of the Guard – Sixth Watch

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Well! This one is not only on time, but scheduled in advance! As always, feel free to leave comments with feedback both positive and negative. Your criticism is helpful, and I appreciate any you can spare. Read the chapter before the release notes unless you like spoilers. Enjoy!

I totally didn’t notice until just now (as I’m writing these release notes) how short this chapter is. It makes sense: I wrote this during National Novel Writing Month. It was one day’s work. Of course, I’ve worked on it heavily since then. It’s longer in some places, shorter in others; the words are all different. The trajectory is the same, though. Liley is dragged home by her dustfolk captors, locked up, treated, fed, and finally allowed to sleep.

Poor Liley.

She’s having a rough time. What’s more, she wears the colors of the Vanishing Scourge. Whatever that means! She certainly has no idea. But the dustfolk do, and she’s in their hands now, so maybe she’ll figure it out eventually. They’re a bit tight-lipped around her, but she’s shown her diplomatic tendencies before (Chapter 2).

But before Liley can do any investigative work, she’s going to need to get her bearings. And before that, she’s going to have to sleep—and before that, which is this chapter, she’s just a “rag doll” in the hands of the dustfolk.

Though Liley might be too ragged to interact with her captors, too weary and broken to get a good sense of her situation, the reader might pick up some pieces.

I don’t have much to say about process or philosophy at this point (though you can be sure that the dustfolk will get a LOT of attention in future release notes), so I’ll leave you with a question: what in this chapter (descriptive details, things said, etc.) did you think was important?

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4 thoughts on “The Changing of the Guard – Sixth Watch

  1. omg the dustfolk have a concept of gender that liley lacks so thoroughly as to not even realize the difference. well, she’s also maybe not at her most astute right now lol

    mmmmm cute furry animals OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

  2. Me? Vanish for months? Behind on reading? Preposterous, certainly! And if inevitably indisputable, quite surely unprecedented!

    But yeah, I decided I needed to read up on another chapter. Mostly exposition, so there’s little to say about plot development. I genuinely like the perceived kindness of the Dustfolk. After the constant grim atmosphere of the city, the general well-willingness of the shaman and the comfortable atmosphere provided by fresh food, warm blankets and a fireplace is a delightful contrast. I also like your consistent attention for gender awareness (or conscious disregard thereof) in your writing. It adds a nice touch.

    So anyway, mostly praise, and curious what the next chapter will bring. I’ll get there sooner then it took me to read this chapter, I assure you.

    • Haha, no problem Saurus! As you can see things have been kind of low-key around here lately (read: I’ve been inactive). I appreciate the comments and look forward to your thoughts on the next few chapters. This return might also prompt me to return to my writing… =)

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