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For Free RPG Day 2011, Paizo released We Be Goblins!, a one-shot adventure for 1st-level goblin characters. It’s a pretty sweet module—you should all check it out (it’s free!). Anyway, when I finally got together players to run it, I had more folks than the four for whom it’s written. There weren’t enough pre-generated characters, and the challenges were looking to be too easy for a group of seven.

In about one hour, I cranked out three additional pregens and scribbled down some quick mods to make the encounters harder. The party loved the module, and one guy commented that my pregens were as good as Paizo’s. Bolstered, I ran the same mods for another seven-person party. They were similarly well-received. One of my original goblins also took my mods and ran WBG for seven people at his school, with the same success. This led to me creating a sequel to WBG for my original group, but that’s a topic for another time.

After the second time I ran WBG for seven players, I decided that I might as well make my characters even more official-looking. While I was at it, I figured I could replace my stopgap mods with actual within-the-rules changes to difficulty. Here’s the result…

We Be Goblins! – Variable Players

The general layout and style are meant to ‘go with’ the original We Be Goblins PDF. Anyway—hope this is fun! Check it out if you’re just curious, or if you want to run We Be Goblins for 5-7 people, or if you want to run We Be Goblins as normal, but use my new pregens. I know this document is far from an impressive accomplishment in the RPG world, but it sure was fun to put together, and it’s useful to at least one person.

When I get around to touching up my sequel to We Be Goblins (“We Be Pyros!”), I’ll be doing it up in a similar fashion and releasing it here.

See you guys next Sunday with more Changing of the Guard!

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