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Happy New Year, Dreams of the Quill. We’re headed toward the end of the Mayan calendar, the most important implication of which is that Night Switch will either come true within four months or be proved fiction. Oh, Night Switch. The good old days. Swift & sloppy writings three days a week, sticking to a schedule even if it meant churning out chaff. But I gave the fans what they wanted. I have no regrets.

Except for this: that I have not been writing nearly enough since Night Switch petered out. And for this: that what I have been writing, I have not been posting.

Starting THIS SUNDAY, January 8th, and continuing every Sunday on a biweekly schedule, I will be posting chapters of my new[1] project. It’s called Dusk City, or maybe it’s called The Changing of the Guard. It’s not-really-fantasy much like Tundra of Heroes, but it’s a bit sharper, I feel. In any event, I don’t want to prime you all too much. Chapter 1 is coming in six days.

On the IN-BETWEEN SUNDAYS, I will be posting miscellany. I have some short stories to put up, like “White Zone.” I also have some game design projects to report on. I might touch-up and post my sequel to Richard Pett’s We Be Goblins Pathfinder module. But that’s the general idea: CotG every other Sunday, with creative filler in between.

We’ll see if I can manage this release schedule.


  1. I say ‘new’ but really I’ve been working on it since July. The only thing is I haven’t done much so it feels new []

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5 thoughts on “Early 2012 DotQ Plans

  1. Looking forward to it. Perhaps it’ll work easier on me when I get to digest your stories peacemeal, rather then be faced with, for example, the entirety of you ToH project all at once.

    • p.s. Remember how I said I’d be ‘bringing DotQ back next semester?’ And that I’d need ‘your help?’ Well, this is that semester, and you’re one of ‘you,’ so… how’s it on your end? Drawing? Making comics? :D :D

  2. I haven’t drawn in almost a year! Well, that’s not entirely true. I have in fact drawn stuff, but it’s no longer of a level I’m very comfortable about showing. The time and effort I spent on art kind of went downhill with my decline in free time. I still have four rather dull ¾-view character drawings lingering about that I could post for funs and giggles. Given more discipline I suppose I could get back to drawing a certain comic. I still have everything at hand for it to continue.
    Consider it a ‘maybe’ for now. :)

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