Girl with background – Tutorial 3

Updated with final product:

More stuff will be added as I go along, this is the beginning sketch of ideas. Kept it rough and kept eraser usage to minimal, else I’d end up fixing things repeatedly. Just kept drawing on top of what you have previously, don’t worry if it looks weird, cause you’re the only person who needs to understand it at this stage. then after done, use the eraser to erase some really messy overlap lines to give a rough idea of what this drawing is.

This is just inking it and try to fix some angle errors…etc. The road is still messed up, gonna fix that later.

Girl lineart.

I blocked out the colors, cell shaded where I think everything should be at to give myself a rough idea. First time tried this actually.

Tried to draw a background, never drawn one before. Failed really really hard.

Smooth out the shading.

Deadline for CCS’s contest is today. Out of time. So I just tried to do whatever background I can. If I have more time, I’d like to actually try to do a good attempt at a background. Now this is over with, I actually wanna try to draw a scenery for a change. Well, I’m done, this is my entry for CCS’s character contest thing.

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