Long overdue… Angel Beats!

Today I spent roughly and hour a half and did a sketch. Reason being: I spent the past week getting myself another level 80 on World of WarCraft, so I owed some drawings.

This one is a sketch of my favorite show this season, Angel Beats. Just the sketches, I’ll probably work more on this when I am not playing WoW.

Above image is a really really rough sketch on the location of the character’s bodies in order to have an idea what this picture will look like. Keep it extremely rough at this step, even to the point that only you will get this drawing if you have to.

Did a less rough sketch to fill in some details.

This one above is the final sketch, where you add on the final details like the gun and the emblem and the tedious little details like writing “rebels against the god” while going with clothing fold… Only Yuri so far…

Base layer colors.

Edit: After weeks of not drawing, this has been sitting on my desktop forever. So I spent the morning finishing it.

Finished Product. You can see it here on dA http://thenewhorde.deviantart.com/art/Angel-Beats-170681087?q=&qo=

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2 thoughts on “Long overdue… Angel Beats!

  1. Wow, the final product is very pretty =)

    I’m impressed. How many hours was this, total?

    The colors in particular are very nice, true to the original designs and look good.

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