Spring Cleaning, Part 1

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Though I finished redesigning DotQ back in September, there were many organizational tweaks still to be performed. In October, I finished moving Tundra of Heroes and the Crystals of Mana to a new presentation style. In December, I began reformatting the art galleries.

I wasn’t done with all my tweaks, but work on the site ground to a halt as the new year struck, bringing with it my first semester of college. Anyway, I have now recommenced tweaking stuff. Just now I reorganized all the TAAOF content on DotQ. This makes it easier to browse and easier to comment on, and it also paves the way for easier updating of TAAOF content in the future. Over the next days and weeks, I’ll be finishing up more such small tweaks.

I have the following galleries to work on: HC, color. And I’ve got some more organization to do with writings, namely the Dream piece and The Last Season (both old, terribly writings).

After that, I’m going to be rewriting/touching up the main pages for my major writings.

Finally, I’ve gotta finish my forum redesign.

None of these tweaks should take long, but they all need to happen. And when they’ve happened, then I can level up v5 to v5+ or something and make the site flashier. Some people (TNH and SAKI) were complaining about the header and background images, and they still haven’t suggested alternatives like I asked them to, so I might just need to take things into my own hands at some point. >:)

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