DOTQ Comic, Page 4

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Page 4 in the DOTQ Comic project.

Page 4 in the DOTQ Comic project.

Fourth page in the DOTQ Epic! Sorely overdue, I’m well aware, but I’m going to give up pointing that out every time. Hatch has been added to the mix. This is also the first comic featuring on the fly improvisation. From this point onward I expect increasing numbers of pages beeing adjusted on the go story-wise for a multitude of reasons, prime of them being my mind keeps thinking of new stuff. Still, the basics are set, so it should be heading to a conclusion of sorts in the long run. Stick around to find out!

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11 thoughts on “DOTQ Comic, Page 4

  1. Initial thoughts: you don’t need to have the entire thing planned out from day 1. Long run conclusion is good. I look forward to lots of this comic :)

  2. Okay, some more thoughts having read the page:

    1. “Nothing in particular” speech bubble’s placement isn’t good; I want to read it before the other bubbles in the lower left-hand panel because it’s higher up.

    2. The first three panels really feel like they belong at the end of the last page than at the beginning of this page.

    That aside, it’s good, I like it–I love the yellow hat as always, the environment is pretty, and the last panel is very very cool.

    Keep it up! :D

  3. @Flak: Well, I knew it was going to be an on-the-fly project from the start, but it takes me by surprise how much of the story I’ve already been altering. Let’s see how well I’ll be able to dodge inconsistencies :D

    Buble placement could indeed be better. I’ll add it to the fix list along with the typos.

    Panels, yes, they are indeed a remnant of the previous conversation, which is why it feels rushed to me. Perhaps a better page layout would have eased the transition some more?

    And thanks for commenting and liking, of course :)

    @Karamazov: :D I’m placing my fate in the hands of a dictionary on this one.

  4. It’s an odd way of saying it, but understandable with the eye roll. Comes across as “I’m lucky” more than “lucky me”… I can’t think of a more idiomatic way of saying that, but я так удачливый (I’m so lucky) would be preferable. Not having any luck with google.

    • Meh, I’m still going to hold on to the faint hope I might one day continue and -gods willing- complete this herculean task. This evidently means I must provide you with the unfulfilling reply of not giving away any elements of the story just yet. I will say though, you would eventually make an actual appearance in the comic, not just as a nominator of a non-descript anarchic organization.

        • It might be, or it might not. I haven’t got a clue. The idea’s still there, though I never solidified the story beyond ‘that might be cool’. I haven’t done any serious drawing in over a year, so my skills are rusty at best. And as always, time continues to be sparse. With all the projects I find myself being enlisted into, it’s kind of tricky to find the drive to continue them all. If I get motivated for this again it would most likely be another short spurt. Long term projects are my Achilles’ heel, as you might have deduced by now. Still, this is a project that tugs my heartstrings, so I’m hopeful.

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