Resolutions ’09

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Following up on this post and continuing a tradition.

– I need to write more. Specifically, more Tundra of Heroes and Night Switch.

– I need to read more (especially, web serials) and leave more comments on people’s sites. I’ve realized how important feedback is to me, and I understand that other people need it too.

– I need to watch less anime. Oddly enough, last year I said I needed to watch more. Now I’m not in danger of being dragged into video games (I really, really don’t like them) and down time can be spent on brainstorming for stories or sleeping.

– I should rewatch all of Aria and remember the love.

– I need to finish Alar’s Geek Squad comic. It’s been due for eight months.

Yeah, that’s it. Just those five. Most of my resolutions from last year were 100% successful, and I don’t have a lot of things I can think of to improve right now (as I’m in a transition phase in my life between work and school). As for goals for Dreams of the Quill, I’ll cover those tomorrow in my “State of DotQ 2009” post.

So, DotQ, world—what’s up with you for 2009?

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8 thoughts on “Resolutions ’09

  1. I never make serious resolutions. Well, I never have, it’s not like I’m against them. Good on you for watching less anime, everyone should conform to my prejudices. Um, isn’t Aria an anime?

  2. Aria.. i just was involved in a short conversation about it. Since I brought up the fact that Kawai Eri had passed away in August, and I hadn’t heard about it.

    But who isn’t behind on one or 5 or more animes?

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