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Dec 14In Command – TOH Chapter 14

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Let’s see, it’s been a month since the last chapter, so that makes this… two weeks late? Yeesh.

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Dec 10Drawing Harvest 15, 12-10-08

I know I just changed the format for these two Harvests ago, but I think that this new way is even better for me. Posting takes less than a tenth the time, etc. Also, I’m numbering Drawing Harvests now.

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Dec 9State of DotQ, 12/9/08

There are some new things stirring on the forum side, and I’ve got a few announcements regarding the main site.

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Dec 7Birth of a Webcomic!

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.Q Comic page 1.

.Q Comic page 1.

Page 1 of my webcomic test project. It is to all respects and purposes a test, as I’m still optimizing the fine line between speed and quality. Hopefully, as I grow more proficient, both should increase considerably. Likewise, the story is sort of being made up on the go, which is a completly allien concept to me. I have an idea of where I want it to go, but I have to fill in the blanks as they come along. Nothing to major, but somewhat ackward all the same.

Dec 3Drawing Harvest 14, 12-03-08

I said I’d post this this Friday, but I didn’t finish Tundra of Heroes Chapter 14 in time as I spent yesterday on other creative pursuits. Enjoy some sketches.

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Dec 2Night Switch Stage 01.04

Reason #104 Flak should never be without internet.

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