Leader and Friend – TOH Chapter 15

We’re right on schedule. Seriously.

This one’s an Ynthon-only chapter. No Grandpa Snow here. No, next chapter won’t be Intra-only. I made this chapter be all about Ynthon because I felt his plot wasn’t moving along fast enough. I also felt that there wasn’t enough violence in it, but I clearly didn’t try too hard to rectify that.

It’s still a ways until our first fight, unless I change the plot.

Anyway. One thing this chapter has a lot of that I didn’t like doing too much is dialogue between Ynthon’s men. Let’s be frank: they’re throwaway extras. But that doesn’t mean that their dialogue can be total crap.

I still feel like I might be able to do the scene in question better, so any thoughts on the topic are appreciated. (Most of my time working on this chapter was spent on it.)

We meet some more characters this chapter… another commander, some of Ynthon’s men. Like I said, throwaway extras. Except for one, who should set off flags the moment you see his name. Since uh, it’s a name you’ll have seen before, if you read Jeuni’s story.

Aaaand rapidly approaching spoiler territory, so I’ll stop now.

Enjoy and, as always, please comment!

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2 thoughts on “Leader and Friend – TOH Chapter 15

  1. My favourite chapter yet, mostly because Ynthon is fleshing out to be a bit more than, well, Psychopath Ynthon. Have to say, it was probably a good idea not to do the multiple section thing, it makes each scene too short. Oh, and Ynthon’s head is awfully small in the drawing.

  2. @Karamazov: thanks for the feedback :) Glad you enjoyed the chapter. And yeah, I got that same bit of feedback from someone else (my brother D, as it were) regarding the multiple sections. He said it was good to break away from that, and I agreed. I may well go back to it sometime (and as soon as next chapter, perhaps—I don’t know), but it’s good to mix stuff up. Gives more flexibility and makes things less predictable?


    Yeah his head’s kinda small. But hey, at least I’m trying to draw some stuff! :P

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