State of DotQ, 12/9/08

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There are some new things stirring on the forum side, and I’ve got a few announcements regarding the main site.

DotQ The Webcomic: Saurus recently posted the first page of his new webcomic project. Said project has been in the planning stages since June this year, so it’s great to see all of Saurus’s work finally coming to fruition. If you want to feature in the comic, I think Saurus is still taking submissions in the thread I just linked. Anyway, here’s to many, many more pages!

Forum News: Black Shard is back. Ghoul King is also back. Saurus seems to have become a regular. Jamesui is back, and he’s starting an RPG. On a more technical note, I have added a “Latest Main Site Posts” list under the “Latest Active Topics” in the forum’s header. Now all those pesky forum-only types will be force-fed news posts like these!

The Comment Flood: It’s been forty days since I last touched on this subject. I’m still not done shifting content around, but there should be no more comment floods as the result of my content-shifting work. I have recently installed a plugin that allows me to move comments from one post to another, so I won’t be reposting comments anymore.

Drawing Harvests: Yeah, they’re not really on a cement schedule anymore, but they’re still coming. I should have one out tomorrow… only need one more drawing to do it. While we’re on the topic, by the way, I recently finished tagging all Drawing Harvests “drawing harvest,” so you can browse them all quite easily now.

Art Galleries: I have begun restyling the Art section, as I believe I have said would be necessary. The old format was cool for a while, but it was hard to update and maintain. I’m now using built-in WordPress gallery functions, and they’re doing the task quite well. A few of the galleries I’ve already converted: For the Pen, Tundra of Heroes. Once I’m done restyling all the galleries, I will take the cream of my Drawing Crops Harvests and place them in the galleries.

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6 thoughts on “State of DotQ, 12/9/08

  1. Oh, how this will confuse visitors of the future. Or perhaps amuse them. I’m impressed, albeit confused, that you seem to view me with such fondness. What a strange little fleshling you are.

  2. I suppose that Corwin’s the facet of the multibeing “you” that I feel indebted to, but I’m not good at handling MPD multibeings so I’m just grateful to “all of you.”

  3. Needs moar sin-washing. You can help by adding Kirk Franklin.
    “The drama of Summer is gone / the leaves have all turned brown./ The children are all in school/ and buzzards swarm around|and cliched puns abound…”

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