Birth of a Webcomic!

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.Q Comic page 1.

.Q Comic page 1.

Page 1 of my webcomic test project. It is to all respects and purposes a test, as I’m still optimizing the fine line between speed and quality. Hopefully, as I grow more proficient, both should increase considerably. Likewise, the story is sort of being made up on the go, which is a completly allien concept to me. I have an idea of where I want it to go, but I have to fill in the blanks as they come along. Nothing to major, but somewhat ackward all the same.

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9 thoughts on “Birth of a Webcomic!

  1. This is great on many levels. The backgrounds are rich, the facial expressions and body language are strong, and the Cal hat is blindingly yellow!

    Question—did you ink this by hand and then color on the computer?

    I look forward to seeing more of these, and more of our lovely community members.

    Two questions now about the technical aspects of your post: do you have any thoughts on the new posting interface? And, could you please edit this post and give it a title? Thanks!

  2. @Flak: First and foremost, thanks for the praise :) I googled the Cal hat, and it looked pretty blindingly yellow to me, so there you have it.
    It was indeed inked by hand. I origanally opted to ink it on the computer, but that took more work out of me then I cared for, so I went about it by hand afterall.
    I very much like the interface. It all worked smoothly and I found everything in a moment’s notice. I’m possitivly pleased. And I’ve added a title; that I had forgotten :D

  3. This… is… great. I have to give you props for inking it for hand, and there’s a bit of a special tug on my heartlines because of it. My uncle was an artist, and he did everything by hand too. I can now see why you needed our descriptions of our uses, and I’ll try to get it to you soon.

  4. @Saurus: yeah, the hat is like that. Many of my friends complain/pretend to complain about its flamboyancy.

    Good job on the inking, following Alar’s sentiments. It seems odd to me that it would take more time on a computer than by hand, but that’s not really based on experience or anything, so meh :P

    I’m glad you like the admin interface. I think it’s a huge improvement (I can do things like bulk edit posts/comments, automatically update plugins, etc.—it’s awesome). No problem about the title. I went in and edited your link to match it (you were assigned some number like 1617 because you forgot a title), hope you don’t mind.

    Keep it up! :D

  5. @Alar: Thanks Alar, that means alot to me. And I hope to integrate you in the story soon :)

    @Flak: Inking on the computer would take me longer because it simply flows more naturaly when done by hand. And thanks for fixing the title. I was nerveus about uploading the comic and forgot about that entirely :D

  6. This is great, Saurus! I was very curious to see what exactly you were working on, and the wait certainly paid off. I enjoy your artwork, and this gave me the chance to look back at your last couple submissions, which I’d somehow missed. Keep up the good work. :)

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  8. Splendid work, the expressions are fantastic, the backgrounds give a nice light airy feel to the setting. Flak eats space ship cereal :D
    And seems pretty important for such a young-looking slovenly guy.
    Ganbate Flak-sensei-kun~~!

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