Night Switch 02.01

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It had been yet another night at work. Joe managed to stay awake his entire shift by reading and rereading and re-rereading the latest post on his favorite blog. For whatever unfathomable reason, Meow Meow Anim’s author had begun reading the Bible—something that should have pleased Joe. Unfortunately, the author of MMA revealed himself as a complete ignoramus with his first (and hopefully last, Joe prayed) post on the topic. Genesis is NOT a rip-off of NHG! thought Joe as he paged up and down the ten thousand-word long write-up on why the Bible is entertaining. That show isn’t even good!

Oh, and time doesn’t work like that!

So engrossed was he in posting anonymous comments berating the author for his lack of intelligence that five thirty came and went in a flash. Joe looked at his watch accidentally at around seven in the morning, realized that the lights in the building were on and that there were people buzzing about, and found that his middle finger hurt from all the scroll wheel action.

“Past time to clean up, huh?” he asked himself.

He cleared away his web browser windows with a few deft keyboard commands and brought up his mail client. His inbox contained zero unread messages and he slumped back in his chair, defeated. No new messages from his West Coast girlfriend.

“Maybe she got bored with me,” he muttered.

Sighing heavily, he gathered all his strength and got to his feet, powering off the Dell without shutting it down properly first. He flipped the switch on the monitor and stepped out of his cubicle, headed home for a good day’s sleep.

In the hall he almost ran head-on into one of the dayshift workers. He bowed his head as a slight apology, issued a muttered ‘excuse me,’ and hurried on out of the building, never meeting the other person’s gaze. No one wanted to interact with the creepy nightshift guy, anyway.

Once outside, Joe looked up at the sky. It was a nice, soft cerulean, a color he rarely got to see anymore. He thanked God for allowing him to get so caught up in his reading that he stayed late at work and ended up leaving after dawn. It was an effective cure to the melancholy his girlfriend’s silence had instilled in him.

But seriously, he wondered, shaking his head as he walked toward the subway station, what was Meow thinking?

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