Night Switch 01.04

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Jason entered the room.

“What’s the good word, Jace?” asked Jeff.

The rest of the men in the room came back to attention on the mention of Jason’s name.

“The topic is, LAW1 hired me finally! Woot! Party!!” announced Jason in reply.

“Woot!” yelled Jeff.

“You the man, Jace!” exclaimed Mike.

Mike high five

Jason high five

“Drinks on me,” declared Meg-sho.

Meg-sho produces keg

Jason drinks

Scott drinks

Mike rollseyes

“So, what’re the specs?” asked Scott.

“Er, the details.”


“You know.”

“I go in as often as I can, pretty much,” answered Jason.

“Get paid hourly,” he added.

“Though, I have to be at work at nine tomorrow, orientation and all.”

“There’s no limit on that?” Mike asked.

“Nope,” replied Jason.

“No end to doing good.”

“So you’ll be living in that van, then, huh?” inquired Cone.

“Nah, I’ll be coming home for breaks.”

“Gotta keep my schedule.”

“Yeah, about that schedule…” began Jeff, worriedly.

“How you gonna keep it?”

“Eh, I’d rather go without sleep that let you guys down.”

“As expected of our writer!” applauded Meg-sho.

“Hahaha, it’s a given, right?”

“Been doing this for five years, not about to stop,” laughed Jason.

“Good boy,” smiled Scott.

“Do you have a code name and stuff now?” asked Jeff excitedly.

“Not yet.”

“Receiving one tomorrow.”

“Well,” Jason cut in.

“Thanks for the great party, guys.”

“I’ll keep you updated on my work,

“as things come up.”

“Roger!” responded Cone.

“Now I gotta get watching, so I can get posting, so I can get sleeping. Peace.”

And so saying, Jason quit the room.

“And so, Inspector,” said Jason, speaking into the mic in the corner of the van, “that’s what I was doing last night. Had this big party, got pretty wasted… it’s embarrassing to say, but yeah. My friends wouldn’t let me be, they said we had to keep celebrating. So… that’s why I didn’t get to bed until five, and why I didn’t get here at precisely nine o’clock.”

“The one day I tell you to be here by a certain time, so that we can do your orientation properly, you show up late, Jason.”

“I’m sorry!” Jason flinched at the harsh tone employed by his superior, almost cowering in front of the intercom. A small digital clock next to the mic proclaimed the time: half past noon. “It won’t happen again!”

“Don’t make me regret hiring you, Jason. We at LAW1 take our job very seriously—well, aside from P.T.H., I suppose.”

“I’m taking it seriously!” whined Jason.

“… seriously? Did you say seriously, Jason? Don’t insult our unit. You’re about as serious as a… well, I’ve made the toddler analogy once, and I think that’s enough. Look. Don’t make me regret hiring you. That’s all. We’ll do your orientation tomorrow morning, then.”

“I’m sorry, Inspector. Like I said, I was at this party—”

“Jason. About that party? You went straight home last night and turned off the lights and got into bed. I knew you were childish, but I hope to God that I didn’t hire a nut.”

Jason wasn’t sure how to react at this. He didn’t know whether to turn from the speaker and mutter under his breath that the party had been in an IRC channel and that the internet was just as real as anything else and that whosoever thought otherwise was a backwards pretentious bitch, or whether to be in awe at the powers of government surveillance—the powers that he had just been hired to manipulate.

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