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So I decided I didn’t like New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve even used the “not a fan of them” line as justification for some of the things I’ve said and done in the last month… but whatever. Putting that behind us…

– I will write something every week. Not necessarily a whole chapter, not necessarily an installment of a current project, just something. Length and quality don’t matter especially, either. I just need to write more.

– I will draw at least five drawings a week. Same reasoning as above. I would have said one drawing, but I average more than that anyway…

– In episode 06 of ARIA the Animation, Alicia says to Akari that “the world appears wonderful in the eyes of wonderful people.” I think that means that if I want to love the world I must first become a more pleasant person. So yeah, I’ma try that.

– In episode 13 of ARIA the Natural, Athena says to Alice that she wants to be like “a hidden character in a video game” who “appears when you’re in a pinch, and makes you think ‘Lucky!!'” I don’t know where I’m going with this, but that’s pretty much what Gem Hunter was in the original Hunter Chronicles, before he was Gem Hunter and before they were the Hunter Chronicles. I think I understand what Athena was thinking because I was thinking it when I created Gem eight years ago. I’d like to become someone’s hidden video game character, only I can’t sing T_T.

– No more Stepmania on the arrow keys. I’m better on askl already anyway.

– I should really read more.

– I don’t think I need to improve my work ethic per se, but I should apply it to more things. Like school. Having a good job is pretty sweet, having a 4.0 again would also be pretty sweet.

– I need to watch more anime. I know this sounds weird, what with a resolution last year being to watch less, but… I’ve been watching too little, somehow. I end up with free time that I waste on video games, and video games depress me. Soooo that’s my reasoning. More anime, fewer games.

– No more investigation of cardboard boxes or their siblings.

So, DotQ, world—what’s up in 2008 for you?

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5 thoughts on “Resolutions ’08

  1. Words can’t describe the love I feel… I got this, feeeeeel-iiiin’, that I just can’t shake! OH! IIIII’m, so happ-eeeee! Feeeeelin’ so happ-eeee! Beeeeein’ so happ-eeee! I think I’ve got a new lease on life! AND-I’M… -BAH BAH- KICKIN’ AND SIIIING-IIIIN’!!! WITH A WONDERFUL… -BAH BAH- FEEEEEL-IIIIN’!!! AND I… -BAH BAH- AIN’T GONNA BE REEEEEEEL-IIIN’!!! CUZ… -BAH BAH- I GOT A WONDERFUL FEEEEEL-IIIIN’!!!

  2. While it’s not a resolution, and more something I intended to work towards for some time now, I’m going to try and draw more often. Thatǃs really the only goal of sorts I have set for now. More goals will come and be discarded as time progresses, as it always does :)

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