New Headers, New Coloring

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So as you might have noticed, there are a few new images in the header rotation. They are: Yoshima Kagami from Drawing My Heart, Yoshima Hiromi from Drawing My Heart, Those Who Spoke Much of Nothing from The Amazing Adventures of Flak Comic, and Tomora Ynthon of Tundra of Heroes.

The first two are drawn by Sumi, edited by Alar, and colored by me. The third is crap line-art that does not need coloring. The fourth is… well, here’s the fourth.

Tomora Ynthon

There will be more headers in the near future. Planned as of now are: Takeshi Mai (DMH), Yuriya Setsuna (DMH) (pending better drawing of her), Jeuni Huros (ToH), Kaze (FtP), and touch ups of the DotQ Hat Guy, Gem (HC), and Mana (HC). Also, I’m supposed to make header images for all the forum-goers? Lawl.

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10 thoughts on “New Headers, New Coloring

  1. But ‘Qu’ can’t be pronounced!
    Dot Cue could work. Or just Dot Q. But Qu? That’s like a que minus the e. In other words, no vowel sound… and no pronunciation.

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