TOH Chapter 06 didn’t *quite* make it

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So I did in fact finish Tundra of Heroes Chapter Six like I promised I would. In the sense that I wrote it. As you all should know, I like to go back and look over things. What I have now is fairly rough. It’s not going to be posted now.

So here’s the deal:
-I’m moving Chapter Six to next Sunday’s release spot.
-You can read the draft (and give helpful feedback) on the forums
-Chapter Seven will be released the Sunday after next, as I commence work on it tomorrow

As I said in my draft post on the forums just now, a schedule should be motivation, not an excuse for poor quality. So I’m not “releasing” the “final version” of Chapter Six now. Boohoo. I’m glad I made the promise to release it today, because had I not, I might not have finished even writing the rough draft. I’ll have it final and on the main site in seven days, for sure.

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