Flak and the Three Asians

Once upon a time, though not so long ago, and actually so very recent that it may very well be happening at this very moment, there lived a young man named Flak. Once Flak was walking and he discovered a dead rodent on the side of the road. Not wishing to be any closer to the smell of decay, he crossed the street and arrived at his destination; a Card Captor Sakura graphic novel signing.

Flak and the Three Asians

Gueststarring Sumiyoshi, Yutaka, and Gem-baka.

Once upon a time there lived three Asians (I think); Sumiyoshi, the Elder Otaku; Yutaka of the Manskirt; and Moron, Son of Boron. After making a large pot of ramen, they decided to venture to the local Borders to procure more anime while their ramen cooled.

Meanwhile Flak arrived at their house from the other direction and, feeling rather curious and smelling delicious ramen within, decided to allow himself entry. Upon entering the house, he spotted bowls of ramen and decided to eat some. The Rabite-shaped bowl was pork-flavored, so Flak moved on to the plaid bowl, which had ramen which had no flavor at all. So, with slight hesitation, he tried the bowl with boobs on it, and found that the ramen within had a delightful amount of chicken flavoring, and thoroughly consumed it.

Afterwards, Flak was feeling rather tired, and went upstairs to get some rest, where he found three beds. The first looked very comfortable, but had a pool of blood on it and a rabite resting in the center, and so Flak carefully avoided it. The second bed also seemed nice, but Yutaka’s Senpai was napping in the bed, and so he avoided that bed as well. Finally he came to the bed that had a blow-up doll resting in it. Being thoroughly disturbed at this, Flak instead elected to go home.

Eventually the Asians returned, but since everyone knows Asians don’t need food to live, they ignored the fact that someone had eaten their food and proceeded to argue the virtues of blue hair.

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