Worry – HC Chapter 27

Part 3, entitled Julien, starts off not being about Julien at all. Or does it? That’s really for you to puzzle out… release notes (and chapter) after the jump.

Today’s chapter is a Joker chapter. Brief, non-spoiler summary: Gem and Joker get on their airship and head toward their destination, Oberon’s home, Atlantis. We meet a new character, an old acquaintance of Gem’s, and the Joker discovers something … well, dreadful is an appropriate word.

Here’s the link to .rtf downloads for you monitor haters: Hunter Chronicles downloads

Enjoy, and, as always, please comment.

My Notes (mild spoilers, click to view)

Things were slightly different in the old version???actually, super-different. For one thing, Edge used to be a demi-human with hedgehog in the mix; now his ‘beast’ is unclear but instead of me calling him “a demi-human (beast)” I describe him. It’s hinted that he might be crossed with some kind of powerful cat.

One big note that people who read a lot of the old version may have been wondering about for a while is the separation of Underworld and Marauders. In the old version, the Marauders were merely the southern/eastern aspect of the same organization; members of either group could be shuffled back and forth, relocated from Terra to Tryn and vice-versa. In the old version, Edge was a Marauder because he was in the Underworld. Now, he’s neither anymore, but was, at different points, both.

In the old version, Edge claims in passing that he hails from the northern wastelands (the Kriss homeland. If you don’t know who the Kriss are, that’s good!), here, it’s fact central to his character that he came down with the last group of Kriss. He’s no longer “just some demi-human mercenary,” he’s a friend of Gem al’Kondo’s, a member of a Kriss band, one of the first Marauders, and a demi-human with unusual circumstances…

Oh, and he calls Oberon “Prince” as though he were a subject of Atlantis.

Other changes pertain to Ji’Lopan’s appearance on the airship. In this version, Ji has somehow camped out on the vessel and lies in wait. In the old version, he actually comes to Edge’s airship by airship after Gem and the Joker have been in the air for a while.

Ji’Lopan has mad skills.

By the way, 27 chapters, 232 pages, 93,671 words. Yay!

An interlude (prologue for Part 3) will come in the future. I haven’t yet decided what to put… but, yeah, there will be one. Later.

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3 thoughts on “Worry – HC Chapter 27

  1. Ahh, another interesting chapter. I can"t wait to see if and how they get out of this latest predicament. Also, is it me, or is the Joker extremely protective of Gem? I wouldn"t be surprised if he"d give himself in to torture and death for the kid. It"s kind of reassuring to know that a demon can feel those sort of things for someoneĶ notĶ demon. Or at all.

    As to the return of Ji"Lopan, I would agree that he"s under control, and possibly a bit of his memory has been removed. That, or it isn"t Ji at all.


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