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Aug 318/31/2007 – NEVAR FORGET

KigaMoosh deals 9999 damage.

August 2007 wins.

Today was our 10kGET. Most active forum month of all time, and epic milestone for the site as a whole. Also, the gold goes to Alar for the actual 10000th post.

WOO! Kegger at my place! Alar approves of this message! WOOOOO!!!

Aug 31New Affiliates

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We have two new buttons in the sidebar, A Glimpse Into The Horizon and Flirt Wind. It seems like the former is an anime blog/info site (?), which is really cool. Anime blogs are cool. The latter is a blog/anime site network. They’re both headed by the same person, who appears to be affiliated in some way with AnimeTrance, one of DotQ’s sibling sites.

Anyway, the network of buttons grows ever larger. Be sure to check out these new sites! They’re pretty.

Aug 29ore no wasuremono

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AOD writeup coming sometime tomorrow probably.

For now I’ll mention something relevant to the quote in this post’s titleǃÓschool.

So it looks like I’ll only have five classes this year as opposed to the prescribed six. Which is really a shame because I wanted two English classes (am only getting one of the two, was forced to make a hard decision between the more interesting class and the teacher I know better). I e-mailed the teacher of Short Story (class I’m not taking), asking him if he might keep me updated on assignments. It’s outlandish I guess (I mean, he has enough students) but I would really like to keep up with the class. It looks awesome.

Damn scheduling conflicts.

But, moving on…

My Physics teacher is cool, very chill so far, not insistent upon binders or insanity. We did a mini-lab in class today and nothing seemed outlandishly demanding on his part. It looks like it’ll be a good class.

Calc teacher seems borderline psycho but that’s not new. The class doesn’t seem too hard, though I’m afraid of imminent pace changes.

Drawing class is interesting so far with the minor problem that our teacher is a “real artist” and real artists and I don’t get along so well. They tend to be delusional self-absorbed dolts obsessed with some imaginary historical self-importance. Hah, look at me talking bad about what I aspire to be? No, but an osananajimi of mine is in my class, so that’ll be cool, and I hope to learn a useful thing or two, so that’ll be cool as well.

As for AP Government/Econ… our teacher seems very… Jewish. I’m entitled to say things like that because I’m Jewish. Anyway he’s kind of insane in a good way and seems intent on teaching us well. I’m looking forward to the class.

Anything else… let’s see, I met up with a bunch of friends. Ran into more in the hallways. Handed Carton a copy of my article. Passed up the chance to greet tsundere-chan. Saw an annoying film-otaku in Office Depot whilst buying some more school supplies. And… that’s about it. Yep, sums up my first day of school.

Oh, and because of having a five-period day, every day starts at 9:31 for me.

More time to watch anime/sleep/work on writing/etc.

Also, it just occurred to me that I might not want to do a thin-slicing of my teachers on the first day. They might not appreciate it if/when they come across this site.

Aug 27Eight Sketches, Tundra of Heroes gallery open

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After a summer of no art updates, I bring you the fruits of my breaks at work and my free time in Mexico. It’s not a huge harvest, no sir. But most of the summer, I didn’t draw. Much like how I didn’t write most of the summer. Apologies for sucking and being busy with things like having a job?

I hope to draw a lot during the school year. But that really depends on how hard my math class is.

Oh, and some of these sketches contain NEW CHARACTER DESIGNS. Like, Jeuni Huros. And the beast-man. And Zukro.

In the Tundra of Heroes category:
Jeuni Huros 1
Jeuni Huros 2
Jeuni Huros 3
Jeuni Huros 4
Jeuni and the giant 1

In the Hunter Chronicles category:
The Three Sons of Bane
Constructing Zukro
Mana II – With Boots

Aug 26Escape – TOH Chapter 03

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As promised, the “Master Huros” chapter is no longer dedicated to ridiculously poor humor.

More […]

Aug 22Back from Mexico, Part 2

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So here are, as promised, pictures.
Mexico 2007

They’re not very large, but I do intend to apply some filters to some of the more nature-y ones and create a few desktops. Which will then of course appear in a corresponding ‘desktops’ directory on They’ll be in the style of my Tahoe desktops. This may happen today, or later this week. I don’t know yet.

EDIT: uh, the new wallpapers are up. And damn, Mexico wasn’t as pretty as Tahoe. While I was there, I could sort of tell myself it was really nice, and that the sky and land were nice to look at, but now… comparing the photos, it’s really obvious that Mexico fails. Ah well…