HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

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8. and then I was gone—and back, but still gone

I lingered in the Inferno for decades. I became involved in a lot—the shade revolt, for one. History. History I shouldn’t have been a part of. Eventually, I got my answers. The one I had encountered in the alley behind my parents’ home was an agent of Maha’s. The bracelets a creation of Maha’s. Me, an experiment of Maha’s. I only discovered this once a replacement was found, a new subject who had even less control over his will than I.

Once that replacement was found, no place in the Inferno was safe for me.

I don’t remember all that happened between meeting the Broken Angel, and then finding that I was a failed experiment, and then being killed, again, in the Inferno, but when I woke next, it was in Verga, on the steepled roof of the Ebony Fields Hill Shrine. Down the hill and over a few yards lay the barren expanse of the Dead City. That alone was enough to make me feel sick, but…

Before me on the roof stood Maha.

I was confused—he was supposed to be imprisoned in the Infernal Shrine, in the Monolith, yet he was standing before me. He had brought me back to life—no; I was, of course, still Gauntlet. He had brought me back to death. I was even more confused—how did I know he was Maha? Previously, Maha had only been that basalt monolith to me. And yet, I knew it.

And he knew that I knew it, and made as if to ask for my forgiveness.


After what he had put me—and, indirectly, Matt—through? This, I remember in great detail: lashing out at him with all the power he had so insidiously granted me, seeking nothing more than his utter demise. I wanted him dead. Maha, dead. Call me a fool, but the one who interfered and stopped our fight was a much greater fool.

That was you, Gem.

And I thank you for the service you did me.

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3 thoughts on “HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

  1. Very nice, very sad, and very interesting perspectives. Somehow it seems fitting that Gem would be the one to record this for Fred and Matt. I like that.

    Oh, and it would be super easy to make a yaoi fanfic out of this.

  2. You write some creepy, awesome stuff LK. :D Despite its age (you do write better now ^_^; ) I loved all the seemingly small details you worked into this; it ended up being pretty epic. ^___^

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