HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

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7. two dead men

We met in the Inferno.

Our cornfields were fields of fireflowers and our surf was a tide of shadows.

When I saw him, and he saw me, we knew without saying anything that we had done the same thing, that I had sent myself to the Inferno and that he had sent himself to the Inferno, that we were both tired of killing, that there was enough death in Verga. But what he didn’t know was that while he had leveled a megalopolis full of strangers, I had destroyed something much more meaningful: Ream. We no longer had a home to go back to. That was one reason I was comfortable in the Inferno. I could tell he wanted to go back.

Eventually, I was sent back, back to the Shrine.

Whether Gauntlet would ever escape Hell and find Ream’s ruins was not something I expected to find out.

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3 thoughts on “HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

  1. Very nice, very sad, and very interesting perspectives. Somehow it seems fitting that Gem would be the one to record this for Fred and Matt. I like that.

    Oh, and it would be super easy to make a yaoi fanfic out of this.

  2. You write some creepy, awesome stuff LK. :D Despite its age (you do write better now ^_^; ) I loved all the seemingly small details you worked into this; it ended up being pretty epic. ^___^

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