HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

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6. the broken angel

Gauntlet told me, before he died, that the one thing he regretted more than anything else was how he’d never see “Matt” again. After some research, I discovered that he was referring to the Broken Angel, a man possessed by the spirit of a runeblade. I had met the Broken Angel four or so years prior to meeting Gauntlet, in the abandoned Ebony Fields Hill Shrine. I went there with a demon to collect one of the Crystals of Mana and I left there after relieving the Broken Angel of the Crystal’s burden. For all I knew, he had passed away in the process of giving me the Crystal, and I didn’t expect to hear more from him.

But then Gauntlet mentioned this “Matt,” Matthias Kinjaku, a boy who had grown up in the same village in western Verga.

Before the mausoleum was complete, I took it upon myself to seek out the spirit of the Broken Angel. It was out there, somewhere, waiting to be found and taken to Gauntlet’s side. Being the only one alive to have made contact with the Broken Angel, and being the only one to have entered the Dead City in the last dozen years, and being the one who sought out Gauntlet and got his story, it seemed fitting for me to not only find out more about this Broken Angel, but to also find him again.

So I studied: Matthias Kinjaku, after becoming the Broken Angel, lost himself. He became a mindless demon and razed Ream, along with a handful of other small Vergan towns. This all in the year in which Fredariko Duncan became Gauntlet—he wasted no time in becoming his own destructive demon. It was a sad year for Verga.

To think that, over time, both Duncan and Kinjaku would regain some degree of control over themselves.

That they would stop themselves from spreading the destruction beyond Verga’s boundaries.

That each of his own accord would send himself to the Inferno.

    ~Gem Hunter

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3 thoughts on “HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

  1. Very nice, very sad, and very interesting perspectives. Somehow it seems fitting that Gem would be the one to record this for Fred and Matt. I like that.

    Oh, and it would be super easy to make a yaoi fanfic out of this.

  2. You write some creepy, awesome stuff LK. :D Despite its age (you do write better now ^_^; ) I loved all the seemingly small details you worked into this; it ended up being pretty epic. ^___^

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