The Creation – HC Prologue

Prologue – The Creation

There was a time when the country we know as Libra today was more than just a country—it was a world. The world. Libra was built by the the one known as the Creator, Bane, hailed as the one true God, a being of infinite power and kindness. Libra was built to be a home for mankind. Libra was built to be beautiful, everlasting, perfect.

Perfection was quickly done away with when another powerful, god-like being appeared. Unlike Bane, this other being, Maha, was not kind to man. Maha derived his joy from seeing fires ravage the towns of man, from seeing unnatural disease decimate their livestock, from seeing lightning strike them dead. He passed through in a blur of flames, leaving most of Libra in ashes. If Bane was the Creator, Maha was the Destroyer, bent on undoing everything that Bane had done, bent on overthrowing the world’s balance and sending mankind reeling into an era of Chaos.

Thankfully for Libra and man, Bane was prepared for this. Bane almost instantly gave rise to three heroes who would go on to save the land—Life, Legend, and Time. In the old tongue—Mana, Loen, and Zukro. Zukro was the eldest, dubbed Heir to the World. He was the Warrior; his task was to engage Maha in combat. Legend was the middle brother, dubbed Soulforger. He was the Blacksmith; his task was to provide Zukro with the weapons necessary to fight evil. Mana was the youngest, dubbed First Mage. He was the Wizard; his task was to support Zukro with the blessed powers of Bane’s magic, of which he had inherited all.

The three sons of Bane struggled to defeat Maha amidst the rubble of once-great cities.. In the end, Mana was the only one standing; neither of his brothers remained at his side, Legend dead and Zukro missing. Maha lay defeated on the broken ground before him. Try as he might, however, Mana could not kill Maha outright—nothing he tried could finish the beast off.

Bane created a second “world,” a second dimension, known as the Inferno, a world of fire and shadow. Within it, he created a pit, and within the pit, Mana sealed Maha. The great evil remains there to this day, his spirit chained inside a giant rock. Mana had not destroyed Maha, but he had defeated him, and had sealed him away; his work complete, he returned to Libra and began healing the land.

Gradually, mankind, which had scattered before the terror of Maha’s flames, came back together and helped rebuild its cities. After a few years had passed, Mana had restored Libra to its previous state of prosperity. People flocked to him and declared him their new king. Bane acknowledged this, making Mana the new Heir to the World in Zukro’s stead. Mana sired a child, starting the Mana Line which would go on to rule mankind for more than three millennia. During this time, Bane was hard at work creating new worlds.

He created eleven more worlds: Adamantine, Arathoralia, Atlantis, Dracon, Eldra, Gaia, Kij, Magnetia, Spire, Terra, Verga. These new planes were built in order to expand the world of man, and to serve as playgrounds for Bane’s imagination, but, just as he finished creating the last one, Libra began malfunctioning. Cracks in the very fabric of its existence appeared, great rifts in its structure, gaping holes in the stuff of Bane’s creation. These disruptions originated from Mana, whose immense magical powers had become out of control and were striking left and right indiscriminately.

In order to stop Mana from causing more damage than Maha ever had, Bane told his servants, the Dragons, to shield the world from his son’s powers.The Dragons met and discussed various methods of saving Libra; the only working solution they thought up was to kill Mana.Bane, furious at the prospect of losing his remaining son, created a new set of servants, the Entities, spirit-gods representing every aspect of reality, and had them seal the Dragons away in the empty world of Dracon. They remain there to this day, powerless and imprisoned.

The Entities faced the same problem as the Dragons, but came up with a better solution: to seal away Mana’s power without destroying his soul. The four strongest Entities combined their strengths to create the twelve Crystals of Mana, tiny jewels each infused with an even fraction of Mana’s magic. These jewels were entrusted to Mana’s descendants, to be guarded forever inside Libra’s palace. Bane was content with this outcome, though while the rifts had stopped growing, they still existed…

The Entities took it upon themselves to heal the fabric of Libra. With Bane’s consent, they grafted together all the worlds save for the Inferno, creating a continuum of worlds, connecting each to the next. When they finished, there remained only two worlds: that of the Libran Overworld and that of the Inferno. Each of the other worlds Bane had created manifested itself as a country in the Overworld, forming a rough circle around the country that was once the world of Libra. Some of these countries were not strongly bonded to the continuum, however, and faded out over time, becoming ‘lost worlds,’ inaccessible from the rest of the Overworld. And so we have our world today, our countries of Terra, and Verga, and Eldra, and Gaia, and Atlantis, and Magnetia, and Adamantine; we have our country of Central Libra; we have the Entities as our direct deities.

That was a simplified version of the Creation story—according to the lore-books, at least.

The Creation story is never quite completely explained in the lore-books. Perhaps translations from the old tongue were not precise. Perhaps in the writing of the books, scholars took certain things for granted and opted not to mention them. Either way, none of what I read detailed the demises of Legend or Zukro. None of what I read offered hypotheses regarding Maha’s origin, and none of what I read touched on what existed, if anything, before Bane created Libra.

I grew up knowing what everyone knows—that the Crystals of Mana were guarded for millennia by the Mana Line before being scattered about one hundred years ago. That they are out there somewhere, waiting to be picked like elusive fruit. That, in scattering the Crystals, the Mana Line started itself on a path toward decline. That my great-grandfather, Gem al’Kondo, was a member of the Mana Line. That he was heir to the Mana Throne in Libra until he was exiled after being accused of murdering his father, about one hundred years ago.

I grew up knowing what everyone knows. That there was a prophecy foretelling the rebirths of Legend and Mana.

I also grew up knowing something few people know—

I grew up knowing that I was Legend Reborn.

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